City Jacket by Aether

We talk a lot about the idea of “less, but better” and that is what we have with this multi-functional city jacket and vest combo. The Nimbus 3-in-1 system piece gives you one jacket for multiple weather. If you need a jacket for a light chill in the air then take the vest out. If you need something a little warmer put the vest back in. And when you go in doors and you take off your jacket you leave the vest on or leave in the coat.

The shell is waterproof, 3-layer woven wool Schoeller fabric. Shaped sleeves allow for freedom of motion in the arms which is a key for any article of clothing that we choose to highlight on this site.

We just like the overall look of the jacket as well. Sleek, with pockets that aren’t bulky and look good with hands in or out.

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