Lululemon ABC Pants

The Anti-Ball Crushing Pants or ABC Pants solve a big problem. They not only give you room to breath but they also allow you do more. You don’t feel restricted in these pants. Whether we are working out or walking to work we are always active.

We believe that you can have comfort and be fashionable at the same time. In fact that’s the only style of fashion we believe in. The ABC pants were designed “with all-day comfort and performance in mind…a wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme fabric make these pants commute, travel and sweat ready.” You want a pair of pants that you can do more than sit at your desk all day.

Details matter. The slim fit not only looks good but it allows you to actually be more active. If you bike to work safety is key. When you ride at night you either need a light or reflective material. When riding a bike you roll up your pants so you don’t snag the chain. The ABC pants have reflective material on the inside that become visible when you roll up your pants. Even if you don’t commute to work on a bike it’s the thought that counts.

Another key detail is the pockets. Instead of a pocket for your change they made it big enough for your phone. Again, if your ride a bike your phone will not fall out when it’s in this pocket. Also, if you do want to carry money around and you want to make sure it’s safe the back pocket has a hidden zipper pocket. A little added security.

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